BetterExplosives is a modification, or mod, for Minecraft. It adds several things to the game including:

  • Blazerite Ore
  • Blazerite Ingots
  • Blazed TNT
  • Blazerite Grenades

Blazerite Ore is a type of ore that can be smelted into Blazerite Ingots. It occurs between Y:0-25 and is slightly less rare than coal.
Blazerite Ingots are made by smelting Blazerite Ore in a furnace and are used to craft Blazed TNT and Blazerite Grenades.
Blazed TNT is a better version of TNT that has twice the explosive power of normal TNT. It is crafted like normal TNT, but with Blazerite Ingots instead of sand.
Blazerite Grenades are throwable explosives who explosive power is between that of normal TNT and Blazed TNT. They are crafted with one Blazed TNT, one gunpowder, and one string.

Modpack Permissions: You may use this mod in your pack, but all other mods must also have their required permissions.
Downloads: [1.6.4]

BetterExplosives was created by timawesomeness and jakeds8.